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Beds and mattresses themselves have evolved in size and depth, providing us with so much choice. However, there are very limited linen products on the market that provide the flexibility within the fitted sheet to cater for the variations in bed and mattress sizes.

Therefore it is a pleasure to be able to offer Bella Donna Fitted Jersey Sheets to New Zealand and customers around the world. Retailers throughout New Zealand are carrying the Bella Donna range, and an online store is also available. Bedding Specialists make it easy for you to find sheets that are a perfect fit and provide a sleep so luxurious you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

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Bella Donna
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Bella Donna

Shop our range of 54 quality Bella Donna Colours. Make a statement with our Fitted Jersey Sheets shipped directly from Germany.
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Healthy sleep requires the right environment. Protect the investment you made in your bed with our premium Bella Donna  protective covers.

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