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to enjoy the Perfect Fitting Sheet

The Fitted Jersey Sheets come in three sizes to fit multiple mattress sizes; due to the enormous stretch of the sheets will it fit a number of different mattress sizes. It is important to select the right fit for your mattress.

Choose between a standard drop of up to 30cm or our Alto size which comes with a drop of up to 45cm.

A non-standard-sized bed needs made-to-measure fitted sheets and mattress protectors. Our non-standard sizes service means that fitted sheets and protective covers fit your mattress without a crease. Simply tell us the measurements of your bed system and choose your favorite fitted sheet from 54 delightful colours and different product lines. You can look forward to having high-quality linen custom-made for your bed!
Extra cost +25% on standard price!

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Bella Donna
A sleep fit for a Queen

Bella Donna Fitted Jersey Sheets are derived from a long history of quality manufacturing and textiles, resulting in luxurious linen that makes it extra hard to get out of bed!

Bella Donna Colours

Fitted jersey sheets that are fit for a queen. These German-made bottom sheets have been tailored for the level of comfort that you would expect in a five-star hotel – that you can have at home. These sheets are proving highly popular for AirBnB accommodation because of the long-lasting, ultra comfortable, superbly made cotton material that doesn’t need ironing.

The Bella Donna
Journey to Quality

Our Fitted Jersey Sheets are superbly processed and beautifully finished. They are made of long-staple, super-combed cotton which is double twisted and has a weight of 220g/m2 of yarn. This allows it to be woven into an opaque, luxuriously heavy fabric. The inclusion of Aloe Vera and silk proteins give this magnificent Fitted Jersey Sheet it’s smooth, soft feel and beautiful sheen. The modern dying process ensures both colour brilliance and colourfastness.

We’ve Mastered
The Perfect Fit

With pristine quality, you expect a pristine fit. Our Bella Donna Fitted Jersey Sheets achieve just that. They provide a smooth fit as if tailor-made, even for extra large mattresses and water beds. This is due to the inclusion of Spandex and the extra strong Flexima in the elastic edging.

Every Jersey Fitted Sheet includes a label with size and care instructions, which we call the ‘Clever Label’. You simply pull the ‘Clever Label’ over the top right-hand corner of your mattress – and your sheet will fit with ease, beautifully. Easy to fit also means sheets that are easy to care for. With the ability to wash them at 60º C, they are dryer safe and crease free so there is no need to iron. You will wonder how you ever managed without them.

Minimum Pilling

Once the long-staple cotton fibers have been woven, the sheets are taken through an extra finishing process called ‘Gassing’. This process prevents virtually all pilling, even after years of use. Gassing involves passing the yarn through a flame, or over a heated element to remove surface fibers. It is these surface fibers and the rubbing together, that causes pilling.

As per the European way of sleeping, our Fitted Jersey Sheets are supplied as bottom sheets only. Pillow cases and top sheets are not supplied.

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