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Airbnb Sheets

Whether you are a seasoned Airbnb host or a newbie in the Airbnb game knowing the tricks of the trade can help you save time and money. One of the easiest and best ways to provide a quality experience for your guests is to focus on the very reason they have come to stay with you – the bed!

There are three main aspects to setting up the perfect bed for your Airbnb;

  1. The bed,
  2. The sheets,
  3. And the pillows.

Each of these things is going to play an important role in providing the perfect sleep, guest after guest.

Light Cosy Bedroom

What To Look For In A Good Airbnb Bed

When seeking the right bed for Airbnb guests keep the following three things in mind:

  • While you may prefer a firm bed, others may not. Try to choose a bed that is going to appeal to a wide range of people – not too soft, not too hard.
  • If you are intending to attract couples to your Airbnb accommodation then a Queen bed or larger is a must.
  • If possible you want to get a bed that is built with commercial applications in mind. These will last longer and have added durability.

The Perfect Pillow

This one can be a bit tricky, everyone has different preferences when it comes to the perfect pillow. We say look to the professionals at the world class Eichardts Private Hotel in Queenstown on this one – if you can, provide a selection of pillows with a variety of firmness and stuffing materials.

Letting your guests choose their pillow preference can add just that little bit of extra luxury to their stay, and make for a better night’s sleep! Don’t forget to use quality pillow protectors on your pillows to ensure a healthy pillow free from dust mites, bacteria, stains and unpleasant odours.

Pillows On Bed

The Best Sheets For A Vacation Rental Or Airbnb

You are looking for high quality, durable sheets that will stand the test of time (and daily use!). Here are five factors to consider when choosing the right sheets for your Airbnb.

  • In order to maintain that professional feel sheets must fit the bed well. Nobody wants to see loose overhang or the reverse sheets that are so tight it looks like they are going to rip if you sit on them. Look for sheets that have some give in them.
  • Creasing And Pilling. Unless you want to spend your free time ironing sheets it is best to choose something that isn’t going to crease or wrinkle terribly between washes. Pilling can also be a tell-tale sign for well-worn sheets, look out for innovative hard wearing fabrics that are resistant to pilling.
  • Yes it may seem impractical, but people prefer white sheets. White symbolises cleanliness and freshness as well as a feeling of luxury. Sticking with white sheets also means it’s easy to replace one when needed without the worry of colour matching and white goes with everything!
  • Drying Time. You may think this one shouldn’t really make the list but when it has been raining four days straight and you have no dry sheets you will understand why. Heavy 100% cotton sheets for example will take longer to dry than some of the more modern fabric mixes.
  • The last thing you want is the stitching on a sheet coming apart after just a couple of washes or tears appearing after minimal use. Even if the sheet’s affordability is hard to resist, their longevity can mean you aren’t saving money at all.

4 Linen Tips For Airbnb Hosts

Keeping these helpful tips in mind will make your Airbnb life a lot easier to manage.

  1. Keep Extra Sheets On Hand. Have three sets of sheets in the rotation; one in the wash, one on the bed and one set ready to go in storage will mean you never get caught short and are go to go for quick changeovers. Keep an eye out for stains and rips, these sheets need to be taken out of the rotation immediately.
  2. Stash A Spare Pillow. Always have a spare pillow on hand in case of an unexpected stain or just an extra picky guest. Having one stashed in the cupboard isn’t going to break the bank and will impress guests with your resourcefulness.
  3. Mattress Protectors Are A Must Have. Consider investing in good quality mattress protectors. These will not only save the mattress from spills and stains but also help to reduce the build-up of dust mites and bacteria.
  4. Keep It Clean. Cleanliness is the single most important thing you can do to impress your guests. Always check all linen before use to ensure there are no tears, rips, stains or marks. Do not use pillows that are sweat stained and bleach white sheets every now and then to keep them looking bright white.

Beige Pillow On Comfy Bed

Bella Donna Jersey Sheets And Summer Blankets

Looking for a sheet that ticks all the boxes? Bella Donna Jersey Sheets from the team at Bedding Specialists offer beautifully finished high quality Fitted Jersey Sheets perfect for Airbnb providers.

Made from double twisted super-combed cotton the Bella Donna Jersey Sheets give an excellent fit every time with built in stretch all while providing an easy-care sheet with no pilling or creasing.

Need the perfect summer blanket to go with your easy care Bella Donna Jersey sheets? Then Bella Donna Summer blankets are just the thing for a cool sleep on those hot summers nights.

Safe for use in the dryer these sheets and blankets are also infused with Aloe Vera and Silk proteins to give a soft luxury feel and shiny appearance. Your Airbnb guests will love this bed linen and since they will save you time – so will you!

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