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Bringing luxury bed linen to the world

Caring for your bed linen

Caring for your Bella Donna bed sheets from Bedding Specialists couldn’t be any easier. The Bella Donna Jersey Sheet is made exclusively from top quality Maco cotton ply yarn. This ply yarn combined with an Aloe Vera and Silk protein treatment make Bella Donna bed sheets the ultimate in comfort and quality.

With quality also comes longevity. Our optimised ply yarn virtually eliminates pilling, and our state-of-the-art dyeing process ensures colour-fasting for every Bella Donna sheet. So you know that even after many nights, your bed sheets will stay looking brand new, and as soft as they were the first night.

  • Pre-wash before first use (140F / 60C)
  • Do not bleach.
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low to medium heat.
  • Wash softeners not recommended.
  • No ironing required.



Perfect fit

Bella Donna fitted cotton sheets with elastane and the Flexima band fit perfectly on any bed, even oversized mattresses.

Position of the size label

The label showing the size and cleaning advice can be found inside one of the corners. Please pull this corner over the upper right corner of the mattress to ensure that your fitted sheet sits perfectly.

No pilling

Our high-quality, Maco cotton blend results in hardly any pilling, so your bed sheets stay smooth and looking like new.

Soft to the touch

Aloe Vera and Silk protein extracts keep your sheets, and your skin, feeling soft.

Non-crease without ironing

Your Bella Donna bed sheets come out of the wash wonderfully smooth and free of creases.