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Bella Donna Jersey sheets made in Germany by Formesse since 1947.

Aloe Vera and Silk Proteins

Best known for its natural healing properties, aloe vera has been included in our sheets.

The aloe vera finish provides a ‘softening sensation’ to the fabric surface – all delivering a very pleasant sleeping environment and ensuring better sleep while providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also creates a softer fabric surface.

Invisible micro-beads containing aloe vera extract attach themselves to the fabric surface. The beads can work with the body’s natural movements to release the aloe vera.

Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles.


Bella Donna Jersey


Sheets are made from 97% high-quality long-staple, super-combed cotton double twisted yarn and 3% elastane 220 gr/m2. Added Aloe Vera and Silk proteins ensure a soft touch and beautiful shine. A smooth fit, as if tailor-made even for extra-large mattresses and waterbeds duo to spandex and an extra-strong Flexima all-around elastic edging.

Knitted sheet quality is not rated by thread count; instead they are rated by the weight of their fabric. This is because knitted sheets are “knitted” and not woven. The higher the weight of the knit sheet (typically measured in ounces), the more thick, soft, and durable the sheets will be. Knitted sheets are typically made from cotton or cotton/poly material and most commonly sold as a bottom fitted sheets, which takes full advantage of the stretching ability of the fabric.

The high elastic recovery makes the sheet an easy care fit. It will adjust smoothly to multiple size mattresses crease free, great for oversized beds. The sheets are well known for their excellent quality and many years of enjoyment.



A new age has begun with TENCEL® fibre technology, which unites the advantages of many different fibres; it is as fine as silk, strong as polyester, easy to care for as acrylic, cool and pleasant as linen, warm as wool and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. One of the fundamental properties of the TENCEL® fibre is its ability to absorb moisture which characterises its functional ability.  In addition, its excellent skin-sensory characteristics are guaranteed by the nano-fibrils.

85% of people tested with sensitive skin find TENCEL® more agreeable to wear than other materials.

How it works

In contrast to synthetic fibres, with reduced wicking properties, TENCEL® offers unique moisture transport. The fibril structure of TENCEL® supports this natural fibre property, guaranteeing optimum conditions for the skin. Synthetic fibres cannot absorb moisture into the inside of the fibre. • In contrast to cotton, TENCEL® controls and regularly absorbs moisture. Moreover TENCEL® absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. By contrast polyester does not absorb moisture.


Dry and fresh • Hygienic • Excellent temperature control • Smooth • Environmentally friendly!

Tencel® is derived from eucalyptus plantations.  Has a high moisture absorption (50% more than cotton) and fast moisture dispersion. and the perfect natural solution for Hot Sleepers.

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