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Mattress Sizing Guide



The Jersey Fitted Sheets come in six sizes to fit multiple mattress sizes; due to the enormous stretch of the sheets, they have the ability to fit a number of different mattress sizes. It is important to select the right fit for your mattress.

Choose between a standard mattress depth of up to 30cm or our Alto, mattress depth of up to 45cm depth.

One sheet size will fit a range of mattresses. This is a practical side effect of our fitted sheets’ tremendous elasticity.

For example, Bella Donna Jersey in a Queen / NZ King size will fit mattresses with a:
Width of 140 – 160cm
Length of 190 – 220 cm
Thickness of up to 30cm

TIP: To ensure your sheet fits perfectly, please do not use the upper limits of all three measurements (width, length and thickness) in combination. In this case, the measurements
160 x 220 x 30cm (WxLxT).

If you’re reaching the upper limits of all three measurements, we recommend choosing the next size up or opting for our Alto (45cm deep) version.

If you are unsure which size would be best for your mattress, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your mattress measurements and we will advise the best size. Contact Us


A non-standard-sized bed needs made-to-measure fitted sheets and mattress protectors. Our non-standard sizes service means that fitted sheets and protection covers fit your mattress without a crease. Simply tell us the measurements of your bed system and choose your favorite fitted sheet from 54 delightful colours and different product lines. You can look forward to having high-quality linen custom-made for your bed!
Just add 25% to our standard price!